Español proactivo


You have reached the site of Español Proactivo (Proactive Spanish), where you will be able to find information about Spanish courses for foreigners or Spanish courses as a second language. Welcome!

The main objective of our courses is to offer lessons tailored to the specific needs and desires of each student. We know that some people need to master the language for their work, others need it to fit in better and more quickly within their social environment and many do it simply because they like this Latin language and want to learn it for pleasure.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are familiar with a range of appropriate techniques which we choose and apply according to each particular case, using a variety of teaching material to achieve an effective and enriching learning process.

Through your lessons you will learn not only the language but also, if you are interested , you will find out about the richness of Hispanic culture and the finer detail of South American countries, such as their uses of language, history, customs and peculiarities. The lessons are great fun and interactive in a pleasant and flexible environment which facilitates rapid learning.

You are cordially invited to visit our site and join our group of students who are currently enjoying the experience of LEARNING PROACTIVE SPANISH!

Classes for staff of the following companies



 Nokia Siemens Network


 Kangaroo Tours

 Celfin Capital


 Minera Newmont

 English First


 Weg S.A.

 British Embassy

 Italy Embassy

    Among others.